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Dark Ride

Dark Ride


Our Interactive Dark Ride combines the traditional dark ride concept with the fun of competition.

Vehicles move along a lane (track guided or trackless) through an interactive world. At special scenes around the track the vehicles are rotated in front of screens and passengers can compete in interactive games (with guns or educational). The whole system is fully adaptable to any customer request: scalable capacity - several vehicles can be combined to form trains and several trains can drive around the track, on- and off-board special effects, customizable lane layout, individual game and scoring system, renewable content - there are no limits!




Adaptable number of passengers
Seats or standing room
Rotating passenger cabin
Track guided or trackless




Special effects customised to clients' wishes
Interactive gaming system
2D or 3D projection
Optional movements of the cabins


Mattel Fisher Price IP

Simtec is excited about the opportunity to work with Scruffy Dog Creative Group and Mattel. Together we will deliver a world-class attraction as a turnkey solution, including the ride system, design and theming, media, décor, and licence fee.


Flexible capacity

Capacity is fully adaptable - e.g. our Dark Ride in Wanda Mall in Nanchang (China) is equipped with ten trains, each train containing three vehicles. Each vehicle is designed to seat four passengers, back to back.


Interactive gaming system

In cooperation with specialized suppliers we can provide e.g. an interactive gaming system, audio, and score display.


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