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The concept of the FUNRIDE™TR (FUNRIDE ON TRACK) simulator is based on our motion simulators allowing movements in all six-degrees-of-freedom. The motion platform with six-degrees-of-freedom is moved with a rail system through a dome-theater during the show. In order to draw the attention of the audience to special focus points inside of the 360° cinema, a turntable on top of the 6-DOF motion platform can turn the audience more than 360° in both directions. At the same time 60 spectators can take part in this event. There are seats and standing room. Naturally wheelchair users have got the possibility to attend the journey.


One of the most famous FUNRIDE™TR was designed for the EXPO in Shanghai in the year 2010. The Shanghai Pavilion was one of the special highlights: in less than four months we developed, built, installed and programmed the motion platform of this new entertainment simulator. Visitors experienced together a journey through the story of Shanghai.

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