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HEXaFLITE® Flying Theater – The future of entertainment

Simtec's HEXaFLITE® Flying Theater Ride represents the new generation of flying theater indoor simulator attractions. With a breathtaking initial movement the visitors are tilted in front of the movie and experience a high dynamic fully immersive simulator ride.


A spherical dome projection screen with up to 26m diameter is set around the 6-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) tilted motion platform. Linear accelerations with up to +/-20° around all axes provide a realistic flying experience for the visitors.


The advantage of the new HEXaFLITE® design is the ease of entering and leaving the motion platform.


A special design of the motion system makes it possible to enter the platform in horizontal position, take a seat and close the shoulder bar. From this position the motion platform is tilting down in front of the screen. The visitors' feet are lifted in the air and all of them have seats just in front of the screen feeling like individuals flying in the scenery of the movie - a unique sensation. With the extensive dynamics and movement in all directions and around all axes visitors will have a perfect immersion with the content of the movie. The attraction story line can be based on any kind of vehicle which is taking the visitors on an amazing journey. It can be a real life action thrill or a computer animation with all the exciting effects possible with this technology. Dynamic sequences can be mixed with soaring elements in the movie.


As a leading Flying Theater supplier, Simtec offers HEXaFLITE® as a turn-key system including the ride system, screen, projection system, audio-video system and even movie content if requested. Versions with 16, 40, 72 and 80 seats are available. Ask us for your special design. Special effects for wind, scent, spritz and vibration are an option.


Already six HEXaFLITE®72 and one HEXaFLITE®16 System are in successful operation in China!

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