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HEXaDRIVE® Product Family - Hexapod Test Systems

During the last years we created the HEXaDRIVE® product family for different applications.

HEXaDRIVE® systems are hydraulic motion platforms with six-degrees-of-freedom in a Hexapod (or Stewart) arrangement. With these products we cover a wide range of industrial test applications and for specific ones we are leader in market.

All products are distinguished by proved hydraulic technique with high reliability and long-term stability. Applied components are nearly maintenance-free. We combine these components with our unique digital control system and computer software. Precision motion travel is the result.

All parts meet high safety standards in accordance with EN directives of machinery and are German TÜV-approved. Especially for operation in explosive gas atmosphere we deliver our HEXaDRIVE® systems in explosion-proof design.

HEXaDRIVE® - Applications

Fixed space coordinate positions as well as dynamic motion in lateral and rotational directions provide playback of real test scenarios in the laboratory. Often parameter variation in new product design can only be investigated in this reproducible procedure.

Automotive industry

Our customers of the automotive industry regards highly our complete solutions for testing car components, e. g. for fatigue strength testing of car seats, seat benches and interior lining. Simulation of a 100,000 miles test drive can be carried out within a few days in your laboratory and makes fatigue strength testing efficient and saves costs. It allows comprehensive examination of noise such as seat rattle and motoring comfort in the lab in an easy and convenient way.

Trials of engine fuel systems under the condition of dynamic motion have developed into industrial standard. Ventilation behavior of fuel tanks is investigated successfully with our systems for years. Static slewing tests and durability tests are additional applications.

Aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry our test beds are used for fatigue strength tests of aircraft interior furnishing. Positioning and dynamic motion of wind tunnel models improve and expand measurement of dynamic parameters.

Industrial medicine

Industrial medicine is supported by motion simulation to establish guidelines describing influences of acceleration and/or vibration on the human body.

In times of increasing shipment of different kinds of goods on the road, by train, airlift and vessel the packaging must meet excessive demands. “Stack tests” under dynamic conditions for stability control can be a contribution to make shipment safer. That counts not only for the safety of goods but particularly for all persons engaged in freight handling and traffic.

Safety for persons and material

 Our test systems can be used in a versatile way for a lot of different examinations. For example you can test motion strength of any kind of material and components such as video projectors to be installed on a ship.

Safety for persons and material is always our highest priority. Even under extreme conditions such as testing engine fuel systems our explosion-proof test beds provide reliable solutions certified by German TÜV.

Measuring Data Acquisition System (MDAS)


Simtec offers a system for recording measured values which is adapted to the HEXaDRIVE®-platform in the best possible way. It offers the option of recording the movement of a real test drive and subsequently playing the movement back on a HEXaDRIVE®. Thus, a compatible and complementing overall system is available.

The package consists of the following components:

  • 6 axis sensor for the 3 translational accelerations and the three rotational speeds
  • Portable computer with an easy to use control panel, ready to use data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Power supply via 12V / 24V on board supply



Part of the software package of the motion platform is an integrated washout filter software capable of calculating online the motion sequences of the platform corresponding in relation to the data acquired as translational accelerations and rotational speeds.