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Flight and Driving Simulators

Driving Simulators

Simtec HEXaDRIVE® driving simulators are an important tool for the development and evaluation of vehicles and their systems. We offer manifold options to reduce risk, duration and costs of development.

The wide range of applications includes driver’s training, evaluation of the human-machine interfaces, for example for the development of driver assistant systems, up to the testing of the whole powertrain. Dynamic vehicle behaviour can be simulated either completely or for single components only.

Our driving simulators are available in different configurations and sizes, from a compact playback system for comfort examinations up to a major interactive research simulator. Our systems are usually adapted to our customers’ specific requirements.

To simulate driving dynamics of vehicles in a realistic way on our simulators Simtec uses one of the leading software programs in this field of application, CarSim /TruckSim. Simtec has a strategic cooperation with the producer Mechanical Simulation Corporation.


With the HEXaDRIVE® HOVER motion system Simtec presents a new and innovative advancement of its successful product family HEXaDRIVE®. Developing this new product Simtec mainly stressed following criteria:

  • Installation into existing buildings without reduction of travel
  • Design and impression of the whole system
  • Limitation onto the essence

On standard driving simulators the cabin is always on top of the upper frame. This causes large or even new buildings, additional installations such as bridges or docking stations and increasing loading and unloading time.  

The HEXaDRIVE® HOVER system has an inverted cabin design, the roof of the cabin is at the same time the upper frame of the motion platform. This enables a cabin entrance almost at ground level. So the travel of the motion platform can get enlarged within the existing buildings and the driver gets close to the centre of tilting of the platform. All these advantages lead to a more realistic simulation.

HEXaDRIVE® HOVER systems are available in different sizes. 

DCLS – Digital Control Load System

Simtec´s digital control load systems are distinguished for their compact and maintenance-free design. Main part of the electro-mechanical system are the DC transmission motors.

DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator

The DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator was developed and manufactured by Simtec. The simulator is qualified according to JAR-STD 1A (No. DE-1A-025).

In order to meet the high requirements of our customers the simulator is equipped with a Raster NX2 day/dusk/night visual with two collimated EDL 20" displays, a six degrees of freedom hydraulic motion platform, Simtec’s Digital Control Load System (DCLS) and a Sampled Aircraft Sound System (SASS).

Simtec’s DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator is the only one of this type in the world.