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Environmental Simulation

Components to be tested are exposed in reality to different environmental conditions.

In order to simulate a test drive under laboratory conditions beside the motion simulation also the simulation of temperature and pressure changes is of interest. One possibility is to integrate a HEXaDRIVE® test system in a climate chamber.

Simtec offers instead an evironmental simulation dome ( ESD ) which will be assembled on the HEXaDRIVE® motion platform.

The required compression-prooved design is combined with a light weighted carbon fibre design of the climate dome.

The advantages of this solution are as follows:

  • Easy safety regulations
  • The dome can be used without the upper half of the dome . Then the lower half works as a collecting bassin for possible substitute fuels.
  • Easy to disassemble
  • No environmental stress for the HEXaDRIVE® motion platform
  • An Ex-prooved version of the platform is not necessary
  • Conditioning of a small volume. This allows quick changes for temperature and pressure
  • Demand for space is limited
  • High ROI compared to standard climate chamber
  • No allowance by the chief building authorities are needed

Following points must be obeyed:

  • Dynamic loads on the floor of the climate chamber
  • Climate resistance of the motion platform
  • Possible execution of the motion platform as an Ex-prooved system
  • Size of the climate chamber
  • Demanding chamber design for pressure tests
  • Safety concerns and emergeny exits
  • Powerful climate conditioning for quick changes in temperatures and pressures for example during a ascent test run.

Technical Data for the ESD:

  • Temperature: -30°C until +60°C
  • Pressure: 60 until 110kPA (correlated up to 4000m above sea level)
  • Inner diameter: 3000mm
  • Inner Height: 1200mm
  • Payload: max. 400kg
  • Max. test object size: approx. 1500x1400x1050mm (LxWxH)



The HEXaCONTROL provides the overall control of the test systems. Via the HEXaCONTROL, the HEXaDRIVE® and the climate simulation as well as further components are controlled.

Recording of Measured Data

The HEXaCONTROL has a module for recording measured data. With this, all target and actual values of the test system can be recorded in real time with a sampling rate of up to 1 kHz. Number and type of measuring channels can be adapted to the customer's needs. Of all sensors and measuring channels applied, ex-protected versions can be provided.

Fuel Temperature Control

The fuel temperature control system is applied for testing the ventilation system of a fuel tank. The gas emission of fuel varies in relation to the temperature. It is possible to replay temperature profiles recorded within a tank during test drives. The fuel temperature control system can be applied for a HEXaDRIVE® without ESD. Supported by the control system for the interior temperature of an ESD, a higher temperature profile dynamic can be achieved when applied as part of a test system with ESD.

N2 Injection

N2 injection can be applied for simulating gas emissions when using fuel replacement media, for increasing the amount of gas emissions when using real fuel of for the inertisation of the tank. The HEXaCONTROL controls the precision flow regulators.

Fuel Consumption Simulation

The fuel consumption of a test drive can be reproduced in the lab using the consumption simulation. For this, the original fuel pump of the tank to be tested is used for pumping fuel. The control unit allows to adjust the fuel volume flow up to 200 l/h, depending on the fuel pump used.

In-Process Storage and Receiver Tanks

Simtec offers an in-process storage and receiver tank for fuel to be pumped from the tank during tests. This receiver tank can be connected to the fuel consumption simulation system. A dedicated fuel pump at the receiver tank allows emptying the test tank without using the test tank fuel pump. This dedicated receiver tank pump can also be used for pumping fuel back into the test tank.

Power Supply

Programmable power supplies for various purposes can be provided. Voltage and current limits can be set. A redundant power supply switch-off in case of failures is possible.

Video Surveillance

A video system for monitoring the test object can be installed within the climate dome. For explosive applications various camera systems with ex-protection certification are available.

SCR Test System

The HEXaDRIVE® 10 SCR-Test System from Simtec Systems GmbH is a motion system for testing based on a Simtec HEXaDRIVE® 10 motion platform equipped with a climate chamber.

The system is intended for the realistic testing of SCR-tanks for vehicles and related components under the influence of temperature and motion. The tanks to be tested can be filled with original content media during testing.

The simulation of vehicle accelerations is performed by a HEXaDRIVE®-platform.

The climate chamber containing the test object is mounted on the upper frame of the HEXaDRIVE®.



Climate Chamber of SCR Test System

For the simulation of environmental conditions the climate chamber can be cooled down to -40°C or heated up to +40°C.

In order to reduce the formation of hoar frost at low temperatures within the climate chamber, the chamber is ventilated with dried air.


For simulating SCR consumption it is possible to operate the pump belonging to the tank. This pump delivers the carbamide solution from the test tank to a receiver tank outside the chamber.

HEXaDRIVE® 10 SCR Test System