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Simtec Systems is a leading flying theater and simulator ride supplier for the attractions industry, as well as a manufacturer of driving and flight simulation applications. Further products are used for testing of automotive and other vehicle components such as fuel tanks or seats. In this case Simtec test systems are replacing tests in the real vehicle by tests in the lab and help reducing costs, time and risk during product development.

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In its pilot training center at Braunschweig Research Airport Simtec offers pilot training for the Dornier 228 aircraft. Based on a Simtec built full-flight-simulator, class room and aircraft training, Simtec offers Type Rating and Recurrent Training. Simtec is an approved Type Rating Training Organisation (TRTO – Approval certificate no. D-TRTO 1.027) according to JAR-FCL 1 regulation of the European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). As Simtec’s DO228 full-flight-simulator is the only one of this type in the world, pilots from 5 continents travel to Braunschweig to do their training.

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