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DO228 Simulator Training

Simtec Pilot Training - Safety for Professionals

In its training center – located at Braunschweig Research Airport - Simtec simulation technology GmbH offers pilot training on the Dornier 228 full-flight-simulator. The Training Organisation (ATO – Approval certificate no. DE.ATO.27) was approved according to EASA Part-FCL by the German Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. To this day Simtec’s DO228 full-flight-simulator is the only one of this type in the world. It is qualified according to EU VO 290/2012 (qualification certificate no. DE-1A-025).


As DE.ATO.027* we can offer ground school and simulator training as follows:

  • DO228 type rating training with ground course, simulator training, simulator check flight
  • DO228 proficiency training and checks
  • refresher DO228: type rating, CRI and IR
  • DO228 class rating instructor course (CRI)
  • glass cockpit familiarization course
  • upgrade to PIC DO228

*For NON-EASA customers: According to your own requirements and/or the regulations of your local CAA we provide any kind of training. Please, contact your CAA for approval.

Furthermore Simtec offers customized trainings as follows:

  • introduction to simulator instructor
  • company checks
  • CAT I approaches and low visibility T/O with RVR=125m
  • ground course refresher
  • safety training / emergency procedures
  • pilot screening

Training Device

DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator

The DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator was developed and manufactured by Simtec. The simulator is qualified according to EU VO 290/2012 (No. DE-1A-025).

In order to meet the high requirements of our customers the simulator is equipped with a Raster NX2 day/dusk/night visual with two collimated EDL 20" displays, a six degrees of freedom hydraulic motion platform, Simtec’s Digital Control Load System (DCLS) and a Sampled Aircraft Sound System (SASS).

Simtec’s DO228 Full-Flight-Simulator is the only one of this type in the world.


Mrs Iris Fellmann will answer your questions concerning simulator training.