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Simtec Systems GmbH

FUNRIDE™ Simulator Rides

Simtec is proud to be one of the world's foremost simulator ride suppliers. Our FUNRIDE™ simulator product line is in successful operation in several parks and attractions.

These simulators are based on our hydraulic motion systems and payloads from 150 kg to 35 tons. One shuttle can carry up to 96 passengers in an open theatre or closed cabin configuration.

Passengers are sitting or standing, facing projection, audio and effect systems. Exciting show effects, air-conditioning, fire protection and other equipment complete the individual motion ride, tailored to your ideas and imaginations.

EC directive machinery and other norms and standards are basic requirements for our engineering. Close cooperation with TÜV organizations confirms our professional attitude.


At the Wanda Wuhan Movie Park Simtec took the FUNRIDE™ 96 attraction called "Power of Nature" into operation.

The combination of an immense screen, 3-D image, motion impressions and additional special effects such as rain, heat, wind, water, flashing lights and seat vibration take the guest on a very realistic ride. The integration of these effects - both visual and mechanical - provides an immersive experience of the highest level and delivers a one of a kind experience in simulator attraction technology.

    Short description:

    • 96 seat vehicle cabin with four rows mounted on a large motion platform
    • 5 powerful hydraulic actuators can provide up to 25 tons of force each
    • Acceleration up to 0.6g
    • Combination of immense screen, 3-D image, motion impressions and additional special effects
    • Seats and standing room
    • System designed according to European safety standards for entertainment attractions


    One of our FUNRIDE™ CCS (FUNRIDE Closed Cabin Simulator) is the ALASKA ICE ADVENTURE - an exciting closed cabin indoor simulator attraction. The simulator is one of the biggest in the world. The visitors enter an igloo with more than ten meters diameter with three big HD rear projection screens. Inuit people build these large igloos called Quaggiq for celebrations such as wedding.

    Three high definition rear projection screens are set up on the motion platform. A closed cabin is designed like a large igloo. Visitors are standing with hand rails for their safety.


    The attraction was designed and developed for ZOOM Erlebniswelt, a German zoo. Since 2005 more than 1.5 million people have experienced the attraction. Up to 50 visitors can take the ride which has a capacity of 500 people/hour.

    Simtec has designed the entire attraction including the building, the pre-show and all the media and decoration and offers “Alaska Ice Adventure” as a turnkey simulator ride attraction including the theming, the movie and the building design.



    short description:

    • 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) motion platform
    • impressive audio and video system (on request with 3D)
    • optional special effects: wind, scent, spritz and seat vibration
    • cabin theming on customers request
    • show control system for the whole attraction
    • FUNRIDE™ CCS 30/40 with 30 or 40 seats
    • FUNRIDE™ CCS 50 for 50 visitors standing


    FUNRIDE CAVE is a new exciting Simtec indoor simulator attraction. The visitors experience a fulle immersive simulator ride based on most recent virtual reality technology.

    Four high definition rear projection screens are set up around a 4-degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) motion platform. The visitor’s feeling is like entering a cave if they step on the movable and themed simulator platform with image impressions around.

    Visitors love this new kind of experience, being really in the story with screens enclosing the human field of view. There is action in front, on the left as well as on the right and even the ceiling is used to complete the cave feeling. Each position of a visitor on the motion platform offers a special view and a special version of the simulator journey. Only the rear side of the attraction is used for entrance and exit.

    The attraction story line can be based on any kind of vehicle which takes the visitors on an amazing journey. It can be a real life action thrill or a computer animation with all the exciting effects possible with this technology.

    Simtec is offering the FUNRIDE CAVE as a turnkey simulator ride attraction including the theming and the movie.



    With the HEXaDRIVE® HOVER motion system Simtec presents a new and innovative advancement of its successful product family HEXaDRIVE®. Developing this new product Simtec mainly stressed following criteria:

    • Installation into existing buildings without reduction of travel
    • Design and impression of the whole system
    • Limitation onto the essence

    On standard driving simulators the cabin is always on top of the upper frame. This causes large or even new buildings, additional installations such as bridges or docking stations and increasing loading and unloading time.  

    The HEXaDRIVE® HOVER system has an inverted cabin design, the roof of the cabin is at the same time the upper frame of the motion platform. This enables a cabin entrance almost at ground level. So the travel of the motion platform can get enlarged within the existing buildings and the driver gets close to the centre of tilting of the platform. All these advantages lead to a more realistic simulation.

    HEXaDRIVE® HOVER systems are available in different sizes. 


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