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HEXaFLITE® Flying Theater – our Soaring Adventure


The special design of the HEXaFLITE® motion system allows guests to enter the system in horizontal position. After starting, at the beginning of the ride, guests are tilted towards the dome screen in a breath taking movement, so that their feet are hanging freely in open air, thus creating a unique feeling of free flight.


This spectacular start catapults visitors straight into the middle of the action. The exceptional dynamics and motion with 6 Degrees Of Freedom deeply immerse the guests into the movie. This is supported by the centred position of the guests in front of the screen.



With more than 15 successful HEXaFLITE® installations worldwide, our engineers were faced with the challenge of developing an even more spectacular HEXaFLITE® system. The new design incorporates technology which has been proven over many years (e.g. 6-DOF motion, central seating, tilting mechanism) and based on this, our engineers have developed a new state of the art flying theater. Newly developed additional features make the flight even more exciting – incomparable to other Flying Theaters.


The new system design of the HEXaFLITE® 2.0 allows full 6-DOF movements in any system position. Starting the motion in loading position and continuing the motion while moving into show position vastly expands the opportunities for creating new experiences.


Additionally, the seats can be tilted backwards while the system platform remains in the loading position. An extended screen in the ceiling area lets the guests look into the sky or other worlds… There are no limits to your ideas!



Full 6 DOF motion in loading

and all tilt positions

20 - 72 passengers
Single loading level

Special Options:


extended screen into the ceiling area

for optimal use of the tiltable seats




Wind, water and scent SFX
Dome screen with projection or LED screen
2D projection
up to 720 visitors per hour


Horizontal loading position

With a horizontal loading position only one loading level ist required - no need to build huge staircases!


Vertical Flying Theater position

Breathtaking tilting movement from loading to Flying Theater position - full 6 DOF movement in loading position and during tilting process makes the ride even more thrilling!


One single platform

Because the best spot in the middle of the screen belongs to the passengers! The single motion platform also minimizes staff numbers needed and maximizes hourly throughput!



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