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Dark Ride

Simtec’s Interactive Dark Ride combines a traditional dark ride concept with the fun of competing each other of modern video games. The individually designed vehicles rotate, are flexible in speed and equipped with interactive components and effects, e. g. shooting system, audio, seat vibration and score display.

The system is based on ten trains, each train containing three vehicles. Each vehicle is designed to seat four passengers, back to back. The passenger cabin is rotating in 360° in both directions. The trains are able to vary in speed up to a max. of 2m/s. We provide track guided as well as trackless Dark Ride systems. Optional motion movement of the cabins are available as well.

We offer the entire project turnkey, ride system including interface to show control, theming & decoration, game development and ride audio & lighting.

Short description:

  • Rotating passenger cabin - 360° in both directions
  • Speed variety of trains up to 2m/s
  • Track guided and trackless versions available
  • Optional movement of the cabins
  • Optional interactive shooting system, audio system, seat vibration and score display
  • Special effects and storyline according to clients' wishes


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