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    Custom Amusement Engineering: The process in which we take your creative concepts and make them the canting, swooping, banking, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head experience you intend. Ideas are the future of any endeavor and Setpoint uses its 160-years of combined attraction experience to help those ideas sprout legs. By understanding the risks and the electromechanical hurdles of first-time attractions and ride systems, Setpoint designs and manufacturers your park’s unique, first-to-market experience.


    Known the world over for honing its engineering know-how and integrity through innovative methods, Setpoint provides fierce, fast, focused engineering required for today’s rides. Whether its safety critical show action equipment or nonexistent ride technology, we invite our customers into the veil to develop and manufacture “world-first” ride systems.


    Learn more about why Setpoint's culture continues to lead the industry in Custom Amusement Engineering.



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