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Worlds of Experience

From visiting to hands-on

Traditionally the assigments of Zoos and museums were collecting and exhibiting animals and objects only. Nowadays these tasks are supplemented by active experience and understanding of the involved visitors. Exxhibits are embedded in their natural environment. Therefor creative elements become more important. The international borderline to conventional amusement parks gets more and more softened by the sociological change towards a leisure society. Education may and shall be fun.

Enormous educational potential

At this point Simtec can bridge and fulfil also the educational claim of the operator. Our simulation attractions provide an unique opportunity to invite the visitors to a virtual expedition through various sceneries and ages. This opens new perspectives to the visitors and arouses their curiosity. They can participate actively and with all their senses.

Decode the mysteries of life

We illustrate the complex correlations of life- whether these are complete ecosystems with all their aspects and cultural specifics or overall scientific phenomena. Visitors at all ages immerge with a fascinating world in its whole diversity.


Simulation technology made by Simtec combines:

  • Entertainment and Education
  • Adventure and Innovative Technology
  • Sensual Experience and Scientific Curiosity

and becomes an extraordinary magnet for your institution.

One-Stop Competence

We seize your ideas and suggestions. In a close co-operation we create individual simulation attractions. Based on our manifold experience we offer customized walkthroughs for most different basic conditions.

Our competence is not limited to deliver premium motion platforms but also includes all other elements of a high-class simulation, such as storyboard, movie, decoration, latest multimedia technology, pre- and postshow concepts and civil engineering. You trade on clear responsibilities and cost control. All from one source!

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